Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hair Treatment

So this morning I woke up and as I was getting ready I noticed my hair was a bit frizzy and dry. Time for a hair treatment. Here's my hair before. It could be worse, but it's more frizz than I will let myself have.

So I took an extra 30 minutes getting ready today. I added some essential oils into some olive oil, warmed it in a glass of hot water and applied it to my hair. A little plastic wrap and a warm towel to wrap my hair in and I'm set. I left it for 30 minutes while I had my morning coffee and checked emails. I went for my shower after that and washed my hair like I usually do. Now that my hair has dried. Here are the results.

Disclaimer: The shirt is referring to Dungeons & Dragons. My husband is usually the DM(dungeon master), hence the humor of this shirt.
Look at that Shine!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Well, updating my categories in my store, I accidentally deleted EVERYTHING I had listed. Whoopsie. I'll get stuff re-listed in the next few days.

In the meantime: I just listed a new heel salve. Com check it out.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Challenge for you

What was your New Year's resolution? Have you kept with it? Do you even remember what it was going to be?

Normally, I don't think about the new year and resolutions and I surely don't pick out something to change in my life. This year, though I did make a resolution. My resolution was to knit more for myself. Something that seems silly and simple, but with two children and so many cute things I could make for them, I was always putting my own projects last. So I forced myself to knit for me. I started with some socks. Once I focused on that small part of me, I realized I was doing the same with my health that I was doing for knitting. Putting myself last. I make a ton of aromatherapy, facial and body products, but did I actually take the time to use them myself? No, I realized I wasn't actually taking the time to take care of me. So my resolution grew.

Since then I've addressed two medical issues that shouldn't have been put off and I'm starting to feel like myself again. It wasn't until I started feeling better that I realized that I was so run down before. So what did my resolution grow to? Taking care of ALL of me. It struck me that I'm no good to my husband and children if I'm careful to take care of me.

Aside from medical issues, I've also been forcing myself to take time to pamper my skin, and my hair and also take time for myself during the day. I take an extra couple of minutes in the shower to scrub my feet and let my hair soak in some extra moisture.

It is one of the most difficult challenges I've ever taken on. Who knew that taking time for myself would be so hard? My challenge to you is to take that extra 5-20 minutes each day to pamper yourself. Take a bath once in a while. Take a walk alone with only your own thoughts to keep you company. Start small with one thing at a time and after a few months, you'll really appreciate the time you took for you. I'm in a better frame of mind, nicer to those around me, and more patient with life in general just from taking that 20 minutes each day to do SOMETHING for me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A New Creation!!

I've taken a sabbatical to modify and improve old products, and work on some new products. I just finished the first of my new creations. Can anyone guess what it is?

A new line of bentonite clay skin masque!!! I've been brainstorming, testing, and perfecting this for awhile now and I'm ready to offer it to my customers! :)
I'll be stocking both my Hyenacart and Etsy stores this week so be on the lookout. There will be blends for acne prone, sensitive, dry, normal and oily skin, all utilizing the healing of essential oils along with this amazing clay!
This would be perfect in a Mother's Day gift basket. Give a special mother in your life a kid-free evening of pampering herself and taking care of her body's biggest organ!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dance with me socks

Socks I made from the Selah fiber I spun up a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed knitting these. :)
Dance with me socks

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day oils

I have some romance and sensual oils stocked at my Hyena Cart store this week.

Scentsory Creations

On a side note...I finally figured out how to make my blog match my store.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Selah Handspun

Dyer: Selah Colorway: Dance With Me on 100% Polwarth from a fiber of the month club, I think. This spun up beautifully and could not even bear to put it in the storage cabinet. it immediately found it's way onto some double points and will become socks very soon. :D

Monday, January 31, 2011

Fuzzy Socks

I made some thick and fuzzy socks for my mother in law for Christmas. I had just enough left over to make me some cozy ankle socks too! I don't even remember what type of yarn this is other than it's acrylic and so very soft.

Kiki's checking out the finished socks and gave her approval. :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Alpaca Mitts

I'll be working customer service at Bed Bath and Beyond part-time and I needed something to cover my hands during these colder days. The circulation in my hands tends to stop after the temperature drops below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Using the Alpaca I spun up a few weeks ago I worked this simple and fun pattern.

Watching a dyer at work

Marcie from G-Button Baby is a good friend of mine and I got a chance to watch her work. Here she's dying some Merino top fiber for a swap I'm in. Thanks for the great time Marcie!

Friday, January 7, 2011

New project bag

Most of the knitting project bags I have are smaller which is great for a hat, scarf, socks and so on. I needed a bag a little bit larger so I finally sat down to sew this up. I had the fabric cut and ready for sewing for several months now. It got forgotten with the dash to get everything done over the holidays. It's so humorous how much I will procrastinate on finishing a sewing project because I have to take the sewing machine out of the closet. It only took me half an hour to sew this up including setting up the machine and putting it back away. I'm glad I finally made myself do this. It turned out really cute. The pictures didn't turn out too well, but I'm too tired to care right now. Kids waking up at 5am makes this momma one tired little lady!

Monday, January 3, 2011

My first hand spun off the new wheel

Here are my first couple of hand spun yarns from my new wheel.

The first is a Shetland blend batt from Handspun Harvest. Colorway is "Black Magic" and I learned how to use a diz as well on this fiber.

Next up was some hand carded Alpaca that my friend Regina gave to me. I enjoyed learning how to work with Alpaca fiber and it is amazingly soft!

A couple handspun pictures to share.

So I got a Lendrum double treadle spinning wheel for Christmas

I've got a couple things spun up already. I'll add pictures in the next post.