Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hair Treatment

So this morning I woke up and as I was getting ready I noticed my hair was a bit frizzy and dry. Time for a hair treatment. Here's my hair before. It could be worse, but it's more frizz than I will let myself have.

So I took an extra 30 minutes getting ready today. I added some essential oils into some olive oil, warmed it in a glass of hot water and applied it to my hair. A little plastic wrap and a warm towel to wrap my hair in and I'm set. I left it for 30 minutes while I had my morning coffee and checked emails. I went for my shower after that and washed my hair like I usually do. Now that my hair has dried. Here are the results.

Disclaimer: The shirt is referring to Dungeons & Dragons. My husband is usually the DM(dungeon master), hence the humor of this shirt.
Look at that Shine!!